7 Floral Strains – High in Linalool and Geraniol

Cannabis cultivars offer an assortment of smells, flavours and articulations. Through these factors, we settle on our own decisions and foster our own inclinations. The novel blend of terpenes gives every one of the strains their comparative, yet unique sweet-smelling profiles. Today we explore the soothing and calming, floral inspired terpenes. The post 7 Floral […]

8 Cannabis Qualities More Important Than THC Percentage

For so long, the THC percentage has been the only metric for judging high-quality cannabis. However, there are many other qualities that matter more than potency. For both cultivators and shoppers, we’ll discuss why using THC percentage is the incorrect way of judging cannabis and eight indicators of high-quality cannabis that you should be looking […]

Double Kush Cake Automatic Grow Report (Indoor)

Double Kush Cake Automatic is a fast-flowering, compact plant that produces sizable harvests. Hailing from an impressive lineage that includes Afghani #1, Skunk Kush, and Hindu Kush Automatic, Double Kush Cake Auto offers growers plentiful harvests in a short amount of time. The post Double Kush Cake Automatic Grow Report (Indoor) appeared first on Sensi […]

11 Best Indica Strains

Cannabis is classified into three main sub-categories: Indica, sativa and hybrids. Traditionally, Indica dominant hybrids are associated with a physical body high and” stoned sensation. Sativas are associated with a more cerebral high. However, some Indicas don’t make you feel sleepy, or sativas that don’t help with creativity. The post 11 Best Indica Strains appeared […]

11 Best Sativa Strains

Cannabis genetics are generally classified into three different types; indicas, sativas, and hybrids. In general, the term sativa is used to describe strains that provide uplifting cerebral highs. They are large slender plants, with large internodal spacing with the potential to produce some sweet and sticky buds. The post 11 Best Sativa Strains appeared first […]

Banana Frosting Feminized Grow Report (Indoor)

In our detailed grow report, we bring you along as we grow Sensi Seeds’ Banana Frosting Feminized. An indica-dominant hybrid, this beauty flowers fast but stays compact. Following a simple regimen, we produce a beautiful Banana Frosting Feminized plant that offers a bountiful harvest of spectacular and delicious buds. The post Banana Frosting Feminized Grow […]